Sunday, February 10, 2013

e-enko: Bosnian fans

BH Fanaticos are with their national team wherever they play

It does not matter where plays national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina always accompanied by BH Fanaticos
Fans of Bosnia-Herzegovina called "BH Fanaticos" follow the team wherever they play. Whether it's a friendly match this qualification, and even training teams are overloaded.

In the past few years, Bosnia could not further the qualification although they were always been to step up to the big event. Fans have been with them wherever they played and were twelve players, as many claim.

A little group of fans can boast appearances outside their country in this volume, as BH Fanaticos. 
These are the fans who are very social and do not make a riot in this volume, as do the other Balkan fans. 
If they beat Greece in next game of qualification, they have a good chance to qualify on World Cup in Brazil 2014, which wold be awesome for them, and they wold flood out Brazil.

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