Monday, August 21, 2017

Panenka Penalty Fail in Top flight football game

You're the penalty taker for a club that has just earned promotion to the top flight football league in your country.

You're taking on one of the country's biggest teams early on in the season, and are trailing 2-1.

You get a chance to take home a point when the referee awards a penalty in second half stoppage time.

What do you do?  Attempt a cheeky Panenka? Certainly not, you say
But that's exactly what Juventus Bucuresti's George Calintaru did over the weekend against Steaua.

And his Panenka, most unfortunately, did NOT come off.  His teammates, as you can imagine, weren't too pleased either.

He later punched his hand in the locker room and broke it, and his coach tendered his resignation after the game!

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