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Ramirez dismissal harsh claims Bruce

Ramirez dismissal harsh claims Bruce

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Hull City manager Steve Bruce has claimed Gaston Ramirez’s red card in Sunday’s defeat to Tottenham was harsh

With the hosts 1-0 up, Ramirez was shown a straight red card for kicking out at Jan Vertonghen, before the club went onto lose, with Christian Eriksen scoring a late winner.

Bruce claims the encounter was spoiled by the referee Craig Pawson, with the dismissal changing the game in the visitors favour.

“When you see it back there’s only really the linesman who’s 20 yards away and then he just ruins the spectacle as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“And of course it gives Tottenham a huge advantage and they’ve punished us in the end.

“I understand that they have really difficult jobs but why does he have to get involved? If he does get involved, why doesn’t he just say ‘it’s a yellow card’?

“No-one in the ground has see it, no-one on the TVs have seen it. It’s a little coming together. He is a bit disappointed that he’s not got the free-kick.

“An act of petulance yes. Is it violent conduct? Not for me anyway.”

Bruce claims that Vertonghen helped get Ramirez sent off, with his reaction over the top.

“We talk about diving and allegedly cheating…Vertonghen’s a big strapping, 6ft 2in or 6ft 3in centre-back and he’s rolling around as if he’s been poleaxed and that can’t be healthy for the Premier League.

“That’s the disappointing thing for me, because it is creeping in.

“There’s no doubt about it, Ramirez has shown what I would call petulance. Vertonghen has a little go at him which is there for everyone to see, provokes him, and he flicks out at him.

“The letter of the law says it’s got to be violent conduct. But he has tapped him on the backside.

“If that really, really takes him to the ground I can’t really understand that.”

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