Monday, February 3, 2014

Beckham becomes the owner of the MLS team

Beckham becomes the owner of the MLS team
English football legend David Beckham announced that he will become the owner of the MLS team, which will establish in Miami

Beckham was with commission agent of MLS league Don Garber announced at a press conference that will be established the new team, which will be owned by the legendary football player.

David's arrival in MLS league 2007th year where played for the Los Angles Galaxy, signed a contract that guarantees him the right that he can to establish his own club, which is in the end used.

Team Miami FC will have the right to play only since 2016th year, and in the MLS league will get as 22 franchises. All that remains is to find out team location of the stadium, and it is assumed that Miami FC will get a completely new stadium to participate in the MLS league.

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