Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ashley Cole for Roxanna never misses erotic shows

Ashley Cole for Roxanna never misses erotic shows
 DF Chelsea and England national team Ashley Cole is in turbulent relation with the erotic model Roxanne Jeffers, which reminiscent of the his ex-wife Cheryl

Roxanne, otherwise the 24-year-old model, who is known for his performances on the channel "Babiestation", was seen several times in the company of eight years older Cole, who, according to circles close to him, do not miss a single play of his new sweetheart.

Cole is after one match national team even sent photo Roxanne which shows how he and his friends from the national team enjoy, watching her performance. 

"We have not yet made ​​official our relationship, so I'm still alone" with a smile commented, Roxanne for British media.

This for Ashley certainly is not the first "beauty from the front page," due to the fact that he enjoyed with Melissa Howie, Playboy bunnies, as well as some well-known TV presenter.

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