Friday, August 16, 2013

Will Klinsmann chosen crash record Spaniards?

Will Klinsmann chosen crash record Spaniards?
Representation of the United States in Bosnia has extended its series of victories

Americans are in the 2013th year they lined up 12 wins, involving therefore the celebration at Kosevo against BiH national team in a friendly match. So have chosen Jurgen Klinsmann very, very good chance to set a new record when it comes to the number of consecutive wins national football team.

Spain is leading with 15 victories recorded since 2008. by 2009. year, followed by Australia with 14 wins from related 1996th to 1997th year, so they managed to win the tie and Brazilians 1997th year, or the French of the 2003rd to 2004th year.

Interestingly, the series Spaniards of 15 win just stopped, when Americans were celebrating the 2-0 in the Confederations Cup semi-final 2009th year.

Klinsman's crew took a series victory against Germany 4-3 in a friendly match 2nd June, and then the row celebrated against Jamaica, Panama, Honduras, Gvatamala, Belize, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras again, Panama again and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

U.S. will achieve a new record for most consecutive wins if he manages to win four games to end the year. For the opponents will be Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama.

The longest series victory of national teams:

- 15 wins: Spain (2008-2009)
- 14: Australia (1996-1997), Brazil (1997), France (2003-2004)
- 13: Scotland (1879-1885), Brazil (1960-1962)
- 12: USA (2013), East Germany (1973-1974), West Germany (1979-1980), France (1984-1985), Mexico (1987-1990)

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