Monday, October 20, 2014

Platini has a new idea "white card"

Platini has a new idea "white card"
Michel Platini wants a 'white card' that can be assigned to a player for dissent

UEFA president Michel Platini has asked for the introduction of white card, which can be handed out to players who rant back and give the referee a word every time a foul occurs.

Or in the course of game when payers always tend to give the officials a mouthful when the decision doesn't go their way.

Platini at his launch of his book "Parlons Football" on Thursday, said the player should be sinbinned for 10 minutes for a dissent, which will being moral values to the game.

However, he was quoted saying the white card "should not be confused in any way with the yellow card, which for its part is dedicated to fouls within the game."

UEFA president also suggested on increasing the number of substitutions from 3 at the moment, to 5.

"two changes at half-time while maintaining the possibility to make three more during the course of the match."

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