Friday, June 20, 2014

Suarez sank England, Colombia is better than the Ivory Coast

Suarez sank England, Colombia is better than the Ivory Coast
Photo: EPA
After Spain, another big European team is on the verge of falling out from the World Cup, after the team Uruguay led by the recuperated Luis Suarez was celebrating in Sao Paulo win 2-1

Uruguay had a great opening match. Luis Suarez after five minutes, almost surprised Joe Hart from an acute angle, but the goalie Gordi Albion was cautious and well intervened.

They fought back Englishmen over Rooney, who, however, was inaccurate. Threatened and Rodriguez for Uruguayans, but he was off target.

Great chance team Roy Hodgson had after 31 minutes. Steven Gerrard's free kick, and Wayne Rooney out of tough situations head shoots but hits the bar.

Seven minutes later, Uruguay took the lead. Fantastic assistance Edinson Cavani used Luis Suarez for a 1-0 advantage.

Another chance for England had two minutes after receiving a goal. Sturridge is a good firing, but Muslera is defended, and on the rest gone with lead of Uruguayans 1-0.

Suarez is a great attempt to open the second half. Kicked directly from the corner, Joe Hart is careful, and he defended this shot. A new opportunity is Uruguay had after 52 minutes. Edinson Cavani found himself Hart, but the ball went wide.

Rooney two minutes later had a great chance. Muslera, however, managed a fantastic intervention to defend the shot, and he saved his goal. England then proceeded to attack on the goal of Uruguay.

Attacks are paid off in 75 minutes. Glenn Johnson has threw, and Wayne Rooney with only two meters sends the ball into the net to level the score at 1-1.

Joy of Englishman lasted only 10 minutes. It was played 85 minutes when Suarez escaped defending opponents, and is a great hit for lead of Uruguay 2-1. This goal turned out to be as comprehensive and will probably Englishmen home after the first round.

In the second game yesterday representation of Colombia by the same score won the Ivory Coast. After a poor first half, all the most important happened in the second part of the meeting.

Colombia has in the into the lead led James Rodriguez after 64 minutes. Three minutes later, Ivory Coast is back in the game. Gervinho is a great score decreased to 2:1, which is further opened up the game. By the end there were still a few good attempts, especially by elephants, but by the end remained 2-1 for Colombia, which is so step from the placement in the next round of the World Championship.

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