Friday, June 27, 2014

Only six Spaniards received a positive assessment

Only six Spaniards received a positive assessment
In the country still current world champion dealing analysis to come to the cause of the debacle in Brazil general impression is that the majority of football players has failed

All players are rated, respectively, while only six have received a positive evaluation.
These are David Villa (7), Andres Iniesta (6.8), Koke (5.8), Juan Mata (5.5), Juanfran (5.5) and Pepe Rejna (5.4).

Interestingly, all but Iniesta have a chance to get in the third match against Australia, which was revue character.

Worst assessed Spanish national team memberis Gerard Pique (2.1), followed by Iker Casillas (2.6) and Diego Costa (2.6), Sergio Buskets (2.7), Cesc Fabregas (2.8), Jordi Alba (3.1), Xavi Hernandez (3.2), Xabi Alonso (3.3), Cesar Aspilikueta (3.4), Serhio Ramos (3.7), Fernando Torres (3.7), Pedro Rodirgez (3.8), Javi Martinez (3.9), David Silva (4), Raul Albiol (4.6) and Santi Casorla (4.9).

The selector Vicente Del Boske received 2.6 assessment.

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