Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beckham want Moyes in Miami?

Beckham want Moyes in Miami?
David Beckham wants that his namesake to lead the team this season, which starts with the competition in the MLS!
Moyes was Ferguson's "Chosen One", but was fired after only 10 months on the bench United. 

Nevertheless, the former manager of "the Devils" and Everton are constantly looking for other clubs. 

Moyes claims to have rejected two offers for the job since he left United. Scot want to stay in Europe, but a tempting offer by Beckham could make him change his mind. 

Beckham, through intermediaries, "palpated the ground" in recent days, and these two should also meet and discuss about possible cooperation very quickly. 

Miami FC will start in MLS until 2017., but Beckham is a serious business man, want everything to be solved as soon as possible. 

It is interesting that Moyes and Beckham were team mates for a short time, when Beckham was on loan to Preston as 19 years old player.


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