Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rodgers: Maybe Suarez now worth a pound more

Rodgers: Maybe Suarez now worth a pound more
The manager of English football club Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers, was a bit sarcastic after his striker Luis Suarez, in a 5-1 victory over Norwich, enrolled four goals and assistance

Recall, the leading team of the premier league table Arsenal this summer trying to bring great Uruguayan strikers in their ranks, and on one occasion was offered 40 million and one pound. 

Arsenal is believed that Suarez has a contract buy-out clause in the amount of 40 million pounds, but it turned out to be false information, but the Gunners are due to extra pounds and became a figure of fun. Opportunity to execute used the Rodgers:

"The pleasure is to watch him play, and I still believe that Suarez his best football year given Anfield. Liverpool go together like hand and glove.He is very happy here and is strongly linked with the club and the fans," said Rodgers and added:

"His performance was brilliant.I have never seen such a thing. I think it should be considered one of the best strikers in the world after this show. Maybe now worth even more a pound!"

Liverpool after 14 rounds is ranked fourth, and lags behind leading Arsenal seven points, while  Manchester City flees point, and Chelsea three.

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