Friday, May 2, 2014

Ibrahimovic has his own app for smart phones

Ibrahimovic has his own app for smart phones
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has launched his own application for smart phones. On it you can find out all about the person and work of the celebrated Swedish player

Besides playing past Ibrahimovic, on the application can be found and a few of his photos as well as some statement.

In one of them Ibrahimovic explains that he hopes to be able to play in the next league game against Rennes, which is scheduled for May 7.

"On next game we have a chance to win the league, and I hope to be able to play, and then I guarantee title and fun," said Ibrahimovic, who is recovering from a thigh muscle injury.

Ibrahimovic's application called "Zlatan Unplugged" can be downloaded for free.

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