Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MLS organizer of the tournament, "Road to Brazil"

MLS organizer of the tournament, "Road to Brazil"
Photo: http://www.mlssoccer.com/
Leaders MLS soccer leagues of the United States, officially confirmed that the tournament will take place from 27th May to 10 June

At that tournament as preparation for the upcoming World Cup, organized by the MLS league, so far have confirmed the presence the national teams of Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Greece, Honduras, but it is believed that this is not a final list.

This will be the final test for the teams which participate in the Mundial in Brazil, but it will be a good opportunity for the national teams which does not participate n the World Cup to play matches against strong opponents.

It is interesting to point out that at the tournament participate two teams from the same group (group F) from championship in Brazil, that is Nigeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The tournament ends just two days before the World Cup (10 June), and the question is how much will the participants of Mundial keep the strength for a much more important matches.

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