Sunday, February 2, 2014

Libya is the winner of CHAN 2014

Libya is the winner of CHAN 2014
The importance of the match had taken its toll, Libya and Ghana did not offered to the audience goals in the regular part or overtime finals of the African championship

Although both of them had several good opportunities to achieve the goal, the nets is up to the penalty lottery did not shaking. Getting upright and were happier Libyan representatives who took the title of best in this championship.

The first penalty for Libya took Saleh and put the ball into the net, while on the other side was imprecise Akuffu. The advantage for Libya increased Al Amahdi and hope of Ghana reduced Ainooson with new failure. For 3:0 hit Almaghasi, while the first sure performer at Ghana was Attobrah.

And then, almost a reversal. The first missed Elgado at Libya, and in Ghana hit Saka, to get things back in full egal Omar failure for Libya and Owusu scored for Ghana.

The winner in the fifth series, Eltrbi hit for Libyans, while tragic for Ghana was Joshua.

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