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TOO SEXY: These cheerleaders marked the football 2013th year! (PHOTO)

TOO SEXY: These cheerleaders marked the football 2013th year! (PHOTO)
If the next year on the issue of football-girls to be as last, we have nothing to worry. These are the hottest cheerleaders in 2013th year

Crazy football year is behind us! Sports, and above all the most popular football in 2013th year could not without the brilliant and attractive cheerleader.

There were all sorts. From sexy predictor results, cheerleader with incredible performances, fiery Latina who are trying to overshadow Larissa Riqelme, to the attractive promoters of clubs across Europe, and we will try in one article that they all unite and remind us what is all rejoiced over the 2013th year.

Attractive Brazilian top model Seti Jennifer and wife Botafogo coach Osvaldo de Oliveira publicly attacked the club because of the difficult financial situation and irregular disbursement of funds.

During the break out of the match between Fenerbahce and Arsenal, TV cameras "migrated" from the lawn into the stands where her beauty attracted the attention of one supporter Fenerbahce. Attracted attention and photographers, so that her pictures began to circulate in social networks.

In fact, a big fan of the Greek Fanerbahce is Alexandra Loizou. Greece model was otherwise in relation with the Greek national team members, Samaras, and during transfer was non-stop in the frame. 

Peru against Uruguay were cheering attractive girls, who are in the end left the stadium sad because Uruguay was better with 2:1.

Girls in Peru are infatuated with football, so attractively dressed trying to raise awareness for other people to come into the stands and follow their football national team.
The wife of football player Benfica Ezequiel Garay, Tamara Gorr posed naked for a magazine Primera Linea

To Tamara this is not the first time that naked taking pictures for this magazine. She told reporters of the magazine admitted that she loves sex toys. The wife of famous football player posed naked in the company of men, and decided to do a performance.

Flamengo football players have big support, even from the famous Brazilian model Thalita Zampirolli.

Specifically, the aforementioned sexy Brazilian for the local media said that the Flamengo football players always have their support, even when playing poorly.

Brazilians are a football nation, including women in that country regularly visit the stadium. The stadium in that will be played World Cup next summer, will be attended by beautiful Poliana Lopes.

Lopes is a handsome Brazilian, participants of the Miss in Sao Paulo, which claims to is "crazy about football" and that she could not wait to start the world cup.

One of the most famous Bulgarian football clubs, Levski Sofia, is still without a coach, and to Todor Patkov the club's owner, head of the profession's proposed party member "Bulgarian men," Rosen Markov.
However, this is not about some famous names, Markov had suggested that the new head of the profession appointed the Bulgarian starlet and Playboy bunny Nikoleta Lozanov. 
French striker gives the party below expectations this season, on the field very often act uninterested, and it is suspected that his mind occupied because he fell in love.

His new girlfriend is a French actress Manon Marsault, who lives on the route from Paris to Madrid and Benzema's weaker parties are brought in connection with his absence, and his suffering.
It is a miracle how one of the best strikers in the world who plays for Monaco managed to stay concentrated play at the his performances and games for the team from the Principality, when beside him has one such beauty.
On the other hand, maybe it's just beautiful Natalia extra inspiration for the attacker soccer team player of Colombia with which will play next year play at the Mundial in Brazil.

In the past eleven rounds of French Ligue 1 Falcao has scored eight goals and leads the list of top scorers French football championship, while his Monaco takes second place.

At the very first appearance Neymar on "Nou Camp" we have met with the attributes of his sexy girls Markezina Brune, who was soonafter that become popular on social networks and by states that for every goal scored Neymar gets a gift in bed.
However, we didn't know that the Brazilian wonderkid has the same attractive sister Rafaella.

Although she is a frequent guest on the matches of Barcelona, together with girlfriend Dani Alves, Rafaella had not taken a definitive decision about moving to Spain, although is somewhat similar announced next year.
Roxanne, otherwise the 24-year-old model, who is known for his performances on the channel "Babiestation", was seen several times in the company of eight years older Cole, who, according to circles close to him, do not miss a single play of his new sweetheart.
Cole is after one match national team even sent photo Roxanne which shows how he and his friends from the national team enjoy, watching her performance.

Former muse Santos, attractive Myria Pedron, ready to overshadow the fame of Larissa Riquelme during world cup.
She promised 2011th year that will be stripped away if Santos fails to placed in the finals of the Copa Libertadores, and then the promise fulfilled. Now her aim is to become the muse or trademark face the World Championship in Brazil, and she is well on track to do so. 
It is Myria Pedron, an attractive blonde who leaves you breathless.
Like many Hispanics thus and Myria feels great when you stand in front of the camera where the word "shame" for her does not exist, and totally is absent in the moments when start photo session.

Former champion of England and four-time winner of FA Cup, Sheffield United going through perhaps the worst moments since its inception back in 1889th.
This club from the city of steel is currently the last-placed teams in League One (third division of England) and really are in a difficult situation. However, as is usually the case in England support the local clubs never lack.

Although they are on the verge of relegation to the fourth rank at United are proud of what they have , and this is a ravishing and sexy Jessica-Jane Clement which would and indifferent leave without breath her provocative photos. This 28-year-old model is a big fan of Sheffield United.

"Football is not just a game, it is way of life"

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