Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stunning Brazilian tattoed Ronaldinho's nickname on'' interesting'' place

Stunning Brazilian tattoed Ronaldinho's nickname on "interesting" place
Big fan of Ronaldinho, Vanessa Gaucha Tasquetto tattooed the nickname of Ronaldinho an interesting place on her body

Attractive Vanesa Taskueto, 24 - year-old the DJ, model and professional dancer obviously can not forget the time spent with this legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho due to the fact that at the intimate parts of the body tattooed his initials with the number 10, which means the number on his jersey.

Vanesa and Ronaldinho are, according to the Brazilian media, met in Mexico when it started their "hanging out" whose quality is witnessed by and dancer herself.

"Ronaldinho is good at everything he does. Besides being a wonderful person is very good in bed, where I was pleasantly surprised," said Vanesa in a recent interview.

In addition Ronaldinho, Vanesa in the media linked and that was with Dani Alves, but and with "Emperor" Adriano, although she firmly denied.

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