Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Brazil brutally murdered former footballer

In Brazil brutally murdered former footballer
 The shocking and moving story happened in Brazil, in the night between Monday and Tuesday, where was brutally murdered former footballer Joao Rodrigo
Thirty-five year Rodrigo worked on Monday evening at his restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, which was launched after he ended his football career. When he left the same to went home kidnapped by a group of drug smugglers and drove in an unknown direction, as reported by the local Globo.

Around 4:30 am his wife was awakened loud noise outside the house, and when she opened the door to see what was happening, she found the head of her husband on the porch. Rodrigo kidnappers cut off the tongue and eyes plucked out.

According to preliminary information, drug dealers are behind this heinous act, and the reason is pretty bizarre. Specifically, Rodrigo's wife worked in the military police, who in recent months, "cleaned up" a lot of drugs and its dealers from the streets of Brazil.

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