Thursday, September 12, 2013

Turkey wants the finals of the European Championships 2020th

Turkey wants the finals of the European Championships 2020th
Turkey is officially pointed its candidacy to host the final of the European Championship 2020th

The news was confirmed by the Turkish Football Federation, where they waited for the outcome of the vote on the organizer of the Olympic Games 2020th year.

Following an unsuccessful candidacy Istanbul for a host the Olympic Games on a voting by the IOC in Buenos Aires, Turkey was today nominated this city for the finals of the European Football Championship. Vice President Yildrim Demirören signed candidacy even on Tuesday after the qualifying matches for the World Cup 2014th between Romania and Turkey in Bucharest.

European Championship 2020th will be played in 13 states, and the organizers will be announced next year. Istabnul has applied to host the semifinals and finals of the European Championships.

For now, the three European cities submitted the formal request for candidacy. Before Istanbul, these are done Budapest and Belgrade.

Hungary hopes to be one of the 13 countries that will also get the honor of being involved in the organization, and president of the Alliance Sander CANJ points out that is in the plan renovation of the stadium 'Ferenc Puskas', which in this case could organize and semi-final and final match .

The Secretary General of the Football Association of Serbia has confirmed in the media that and Serbia filed a request for the organization, and reiterated that the plan was to build a new or renovation of the biggest stadiums in order to obtain the organization.

Otherwise, aside from the three mentioned city, have announced candidacy Munich and Basel, while new candidacy are expected in the coming days.

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