Friday, June 20, 2014

World Cup 2014: Costa Rica after Uruguay won and Italy, England go home

World Cup 2014: Costa Rica after Uruguay won and Italy, England go home
Photo: EPA
Costa Rica has made a huge surprise at the World Cup in Brazil. After have mastered the double world champion, Ticos are won and Italy, four-time world champion (1:0), and thus provide place in the knockout stage and eject England

Costa Rica are at the very beginning of the match proved that victory against Uruguay was not accidental. The first are seriously threatened when after 7 minutes Celso Borges firing by head little above the bar. Italy has had the greatest opportunity in the 31st minute when Andrea Pirlo has hired Balotelli, who has took the ball and tried to switch Keylor Navas but his shot went wide.

Shortly thereafter Milan striker found himself again in excellent position, but in 33rd minutes firing in the middle of the goal and Navas is defended. Before the end of the half was followed by a great shock. After cross Bryan Ruiz's by head checkmated Gianluigi Buffon and brought Costa Rica into unexpected lead.

In the second half, Costa Rica played a little withdrawn, but again was creating opportunities in front goal of Italy. Andrea Pirlo is well shoot from free kick after 63 minutes, but Navas has defended the shot. Italy has introduced of game of the second half, Antonio Cassano, Lorenzo Insigne and Alessio Cherchi, but it did not help.

Costa Rica are still threatened, and the Azzurri did not have a solution to create a real opportunity in front of goal Navas, so it remained 1-0. In the last round of mutual match Italy and Uruguay will fight for the passage further, as is already clear that England say goodbye to Mundial.

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