Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rickie Lambert one step away from Liverpool!

Rickie Lambert one step away from Liverpool!
English national team player Rickie Lambert will be the new reinforcement of Liverpool, said tonight all the major English media

Southampton striker Rickie Lambert, who with his team passed through three ranks of English football, in these moments living his dream.

Experienced striker became the national team member and will participate in the World Cup in Brazil, something that certainly could not have expected such as the 28-year-old led the Southampton in the League 1 just four years ago.

However, miracles do sometimes happen, and new wonder and recognition could Lambert to award Liverpool, who ardently wants this summer!

Apparently, Liverpool and Southampton have already agreed on compensation - it will amount to seven million pounds, Lambert will sign a three-year contract with the runner-up of England.

How to write English media, the rest is just the whole story to be official, what should happen very quickly, given the upcoming World Cup.

This transfer could, at least on paper, to be a superb move for Liverpool. We remember the making offensive pair Carroll-Suarez few years ago. The plan failed mainly because of the character of Carroll, and now leads a new striker, fully complementary to Suarez, but more experienced and mature than Carroll, and it would really to be able hit targets in the center for Liverpool.

Of course, Staridge and Suarez will probably remain the standard in the starting 11, but new high-quality option from the bench is what Liverpool lacked in some matches this season.

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