Friday, April 11, 2014

Gabriella Lenzi Neymar's new girlfriend?

Gabriella Lenzi Neymar's new girlfriend?
Is this just another good rumor or truth, it is still not known, but it is clear that the Spanish tabloids are buzzing about a new relationship football player of Barcelona Neymar, who is reportedly getting over breakup with Brazilian model Bruna Marquezine

Of course, all this with the help of other Brazilian models.

The Brazilian international striker has reportedly found comfort in the 20-year-old Gabriella Lenzi, who is not just an ordinary model, already known to drive a jet-ski, skate, but what is most important - it looks like a plane, although has no wings.
Perhaps the yellow press in the Pyrenees just has no what to write, but in any case, thank them for giving us discover new Brazilian beauty.

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