Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elena Thamez a faithful supporter for Los Ticos

Elena Thamez a faithful supporter for Los Ticos
Costa Rica has provided placement at the World Cup in Brazil, and is sure to have a large number of fans, but Elena Thamez will be one that will be easy to find in the crowd

After Costa Rica won second place in the group of North, Central America and Caribbean behind the USA, they won their placement at the World Cup and will play in Group D with Uruguay, England and Italy.

There will be fight on the ground, but definitely it will be hot and in the stands. England and Italy will certainly have a lot of support as well as on all major competitions as well as the South American country can be proud with beautiful cheerleaders which will further heat up the atmosphere.

Elena Thamez is and will be a big fan of Los Ticos which will provide support with beautiful body and soul. This beautiful model will be a great competition in the battle for the most beautiful cheerleader because this time all eyes will not be turned only to Larissa Riquelme.

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