Monday, February 17, 2014

Brazil is not just "football" and "coffee"

Brazil is not just "football" and "coffee"
About 200 million Brazilians will at summer cheer for their soccer team, but one lady will have a central role!

As the first association for Brazil, certainly are coffee, football, and a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful buttocks!

In that regard, of Brazil is in progress selection of 'Miss Bum Bum'.
The competition has entered the final phase, the choice is limited to the top 11, and the winner will be declared 05th March.

While preparing for the final selection, the girls were given the opportunity to elect.
Asked  to choose a favorite metrosexuals among the players, you'll see the ladies have chosen Cristiano Ronaldo.
Soccer player with the best buttocks by them, is Hulk, while the least attractive football players selected Neymar.
Their choice, we believe, will not disrupt the star of Barcelona to in the jersey of Brazil provide the maximum in the homeland.
Host plays in group A, and competition opens against the selection of Croatian 12th June in Sao Paulo.

In the group are also Mexico and Cameroon.

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