Monday, October 21, 2013

Today drawn pairs barrage for the World Cup in Brazil

Today drawn pairs barrage for the World Cup in Brazil
 In Zurich today at 14 am done drawing of barrage for the World Cup in Brazil 2014th year

Portugal, Greece, Croatia and Ukraine have been placed as carriers in the barrage, while against them will play France, Sweden, Romania and Iceland. The first match will be played 15th and second 19th November.

Couples who are drawn are:
Portugal v Sweden
Ukraine v France
Greece v Romania
Iceland v Croatia

Winners will be found at the World Cup in Brazil 2014th year, and placement after the European qualification earlier provided the winner of their group, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, England and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At Mundial will play host Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Iran, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Jordan and Uruguay as well as Mexico, and New Zealand will play play-offs 13th and 20th November.

When it comes to the African qualifiers for the World Cup, the first game have already played. Results are as follows: Nigeria - Ethiopia 2-1, Senegal - Ivory Coast 1-3, Cameroon - Tunisia 0-0, Egypt - Ghana 1:6, Algeria - Burkina Faso 2-3.

Rematch matches Ethiopia - Nigeria and the Ivory Coast - Senegal will be played 16th November, Tunisia and Cameroon will meet 17th November, while the return match Ghana - Egypt and Burkina Faso - Algeria scheduled for 19th November.

World Cup in Brazil will be held from 12 June 13th July 2014th year.


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