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Del Piero: Should be a truck driver to "see the world", and became a legend of Juventus

Del Piero: Should be a truck driver to "see the world", and became a legend of Juventus
Exactly twenty years ago the legendary 38-year-old Alessandro Del Piero debut for Juventus
Then, back in 1993rd year, Juventus coach Giovanni Trapattoni has introduced Del Piero into the game in the match against Foggia (1-1, 12 September 1993.).

Del Piero was 19 years old, and entered instead Fabrizio Ravanelli, great Italian attacker who is now coach of the French Ajaccio.

Born on 9 November in 1974. year in Conegliano, Province of Treviso, a small town in northeast Italy. Son of Gina Del Piero, an electrician, and Bruna, housewives by profession. From early childhood, he started playing football in the backyard of the family home, and often played with friends Nels and Pierpaol.

All three dreamed of one day becoming footballers, but only Alessandro that succeeded. His older brother, Stefano, who later became an agent, is because work injury ended his football career, and formerly he played for Sampdoria.
Del Piero's family lived in a rural area, in San Vendemiano, and did not have much money. All family members are loved traveling, so the young Alessandro was envisaged to become a truck driver to make the more traveled and, as you would say, 'see the world'.

As mentioned, Alessandro from the very childhood was closely tied to the ball. He started out as a goalkeeper in the local team with the same name as the town, then San Vendemiano. His mother liked the game just in that position since sweat less and hurts.

But his brother Stefano once told his mother just how young Alessandro good in the attack which was later noticed his coach and put him into attack. The 1988th while playing a game for his team noticed by scouts Padova, 13 years exceeds into youth squad of the club.

At Padova he played brilliantly and 1993rd year, having screened live only one of his games was brought to Juventus.

In the Juventus Del Piero played 705 matches in all competitions and has scored 289 goals. In the Serie A played 513 match and scored 208 times.

Juventus to Del Piero was second club in his career, from the 1991st to 1993rd wore jersey Padova, and last summer, decided to go to Sydney, after being at the club from Turin refused to extend the contract.

He, however, remained faithful to Juve and 2006th when the club was thrown into Serie B for match-fixing.

Del Piero has won six titles with Juventus Serie A (two realized during Calciopoli scandal).
Once with the club was the winner of the domestic Cup, four times the domestic Super Cup, one UEFA Champions League (three times finalist), and with the national team won the world title 2006th year and one was European vice champion.

Diego Maradona has said for him: "He plays with a smile and a lot of love for football, he would always have chosen before Zidane."

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