Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brazil with six goals ''rewarded'' Australia

Brazil with six goals ''rewarded'' Australia
 As the host of the next World Cup Brazil was acquitted of playing qualifying matches, and to wait for the next Mundial readily regularly play friendly matches

With that, the Selecao this representational break decided to play a friendly match against Australia and who got 6 goals.

Led by the brilliant Neymar Brazilians celebrated with a high 6:0. The winner was decided in the first part when the five-time champions have had a high advantage of the three goals difference. In the 8th and 34th minute scorer was Jo, and net of Australians in the 38th minute shook Neymar.

Below are achieved another three goals, and have been repeatedly afflicted Ramires (58 '), Pato (72') and a new Wolfsburg football player Luis Gustavo who flew past the 84th minute.

Their next friendly match Brazil will play the middle of next week against Portugal.

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