Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Clint Dempsey returned home

Clint Dempsey returned home

"My desire is to help the development of soccer in the U.S."

The former Tottenham Hotspur footballer Clint Dempsey said today he has decided to go into Seattle Sounders and return to the U.S. while still at the peak of his career, in order to help the development and popularization of soccer in this country.

"I miss America. Want help popularize football in the United States, and it can not do well when I'm at the end of my career.

When I decided to come back, I was aware that I will be under the pressure of good results and that everyone will have high expectations. I do not want to be passive, I want to win the title, "said Dempsey, adding:

"I played in Europe for more than six years and I just wanted to go home. This was an opportunity to come back while I'm at the peak of career, because I wish to help the progress of soccer in the U.S. MLS league," said the 30-year-old football player.

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