Thursday, May 23, 2013

Changes in Euro competitions, penalties for racism and abuse

Changes in Euro competitions, penalties for racism and abuse

 UEFA at today's meeting discussed important issues for the future of the most important things in the world.

On the program were discussions about racism, Europa League and Champions League, according seen today, in the competitions will soon be some changes.

Winner of European leagues could from the season 2014/2015 to have secured a place in the Champions League which would contribute to the attractiveness of this competition. Also, the number of direct participants in the Champions League could be increased.

On the main 'impact' to find racism on the courts and in the stands and the players in the upcoming season which to be proved guilty of this acts will be 'assigned' suspension for a minimum duration of 10 matches. Racism in the stands will be punished partial closure of the stands and each next violation lead to a complete closure of the stands for the audience.

Pressure on arbitrators and other officials is becoming increasingly common and UEFA will take steps to protect them. Insulting official persons from the players will be punished with a minimum of two to three match suspension, while insulting the judge players cost 15 games not playing.

These measures will be put in front of UEFA Congress for ratification on Friday and is likely to require from all members UEFA to adopt this decision. Also all are seriously talking about the introduction of the biological passport, which would represent a major step forward in the fight against doping.  

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