Wednesday, February 6, 2013

England beat Brazil at Wembley

England beat Brazil at Wembley
In a friendly match to mark 150 years of existence the FA, the England at Wembley defeated Brazil 2-1. Englishmen have played one of his best games in recent times, and they were able to take at least partial revenge Brazil and Scolari to defeat in the quarterfinals of World Cup 2002.

Luiz Felipe Scolari was performed using the system in which they find themselves David Luiz who has had problems with injuries and returnee Ronaldinho, while Roy Hodgson started with Ashley Col who played his 100 appearance, while on the bench stayed Lampard, Lescott, Milner.

Brazilians had mild initiative early in the match, but the first excitement was in front of the goal of Cesar, Rooney shoots over the bar after a corner kick. On the other side threatens Oscar, but no goals. In 17th minute Ronaldinho tried centired, the ball is hit in the arm Wilsherea for Proenca's penalty.

Ronaldinho shoots, Hart defended once and the second time after Tackling Ronaldinho reacts badly and Neymar. Defence of Hart gave wings domestic selection, threatening Welbeck and Cole .In 26.minut England took the lead, giving the ball Wilshere to Walcott, Cesar defend continuing the action, Rooney scored for 1:0. Brazil was able to equalize in 36.minuti but Neymar misses impossible. By the end of the first part on the other side shoots near the goal Rooney, Walcott in Cesara. Defended Cesar Lampard's shot at the opening of the second part.
And then when the Brazilians failed to create problems for the English, through the game, he helped Cahill in 49.minuti. Cahill was simply handed the ball to Lucas, and this is a gift that is passed Fred which scored, Englishmen must center. Although in those moments seemed confusing,

English did not fell. On the contrary, England was again led in 60.minuti, Walcott shoot, Luiz and teammates react badly and the ball Rooney precise strokes behind Cesar sends Lampard. The goal in the end it turned out he was victorious, although the Brazilians had their chances, but Lucas twice reacted poorly in the finals.

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