Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Confederations Cup: Brazil beat Uruguay for the final

Confederations Cup: Brazil beat Uruguay for the final
In the semifinal match Confederation Cup Brazil defeated Uruguay and secure a final

In the first semifinal match host Brazil in front of full stadium in Belo Horizonte defeated Uruguay. The visitors had their chances which are not used in the first half. In the 14th minute were awarded a penalty, but Diego Forlan has failed to score, actually Julio Caesar defended.

Towards the end of the first half so the Brazil played better and better. In 41st minute shot Neymar defends Muslera, but Fred used the opportunity and hits for lead the Brazilians. With this result, it went to half.

Just as began the second part of the match, after 47 minute Cavani uses confusion in the defense of Brazil and scores for a deuce. 

In the following are interchanged opportunities on both sides, but the results did not change until 86 minutes.

 After a corner performed by Neymar, the highest jump was Paulinho and scored his second goal in this competition, which is how it turned out in the end, decisive in the battle for the final.

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